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Spicy pack

Spicy pack

Spicy pack



Discovery pack - Spices 


Enjoy 3 x 100ml bottles to brush your teeth with every fashion. You'll love brushing !

Magic Mint

The classic revisited 

A refreshing mint toothpaste that tastes like real mint. The natural flavour captures a minty sweetness with a cool lasting sensation to freshen your day. Clean, fresh and uplifting. Now that’s magic.


Cinnamon Bang

A refreshing explosion of spice. 

A punchy yet delicate taste of cinnamon spice with a cool mint finish. A complex, spicy and flavourful toothpaste that will wake up your mouth with a bang and leave you with a long-lasting freshness.


Wild Liquorice

Fiercely irresistible! 

A richly seductive blend of sweet liquorice and the lasting freshness of mint. A tantalisingly full-bodied flavour with a creamy taste that will leave you feeling fresh and clean.