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Our story


Archie was founded by French-Australian Laurent Lorcy in 2020.
An architect and designer, Laurent graduated from the renowned École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was twice awarded prizes from the prestigious L’Academy Des Beaux-Arts.
He began his career working across large architectural projects, including stadiums, schools and hospitals. Before long, Laurent was approached to work for luxury brand Christian Dior Beauty on a major project to redesign their flagship boutiques.
The role sent him off exploring the world, before landing eventually in Australian in 2014.
With his strong experience in luxury beauty and a love of design, Laurent began looking for a fun project of his own that he could apply his skills to.
It was on a trip to Morocco in 2019 that the idea came to him. As he drank a Moroccan tea made from the freshest mint leaves, he realised how different it tasted to the mint toothpaste he brushed with every night.
“Why not”, he thought, “take a simple every day gesture like brushing our teeth and make it more enjoyable?”
Laurent decided to launch archie, a natural brand aiming to include fun in everyday routines. The first step was to create a range of mouth-watering natural toothpaste inspired by the joyous memories and delicious flavours. Toothpaste that people would actually enjoy using.
And, of course, he’d make it as natural as possible. He would take out the chemicals and nasties in traditional toothpaste and create a formula that was packed full of real ingredients.
As the brand took shape, so too did the ideas for the flavours.
First would be Magic Mint, inspired by the richly flavoured fresh mint tea he drank in Morocco.
Wild Jasmin was prompted by a trip through Asia where the fragrant plants grows madly along walls and gardens.
Shocking Rose would capture the subtle sweetness of Laurent’s wedding cake.
And Aloe Vera was a reference to the ubiquitous soft drinks found throughout South East Asia.
More than anything, Archie is founded on the belief that looking after your health doesn’t have to be complicatedIn fact, it can be a lot of fun. 
Archie makes products that are good for you, bold, bright and unique – just like you. From the bathroom to the bedroom and beyond, Archie is all about being free to be yourself.